B2B Delegate

António Henriques
CEO - CH Business Consulting
Governance; Project Management; Investment; Business Development; Market Research; International Development
Carlos Lacerda
International Business Director - CH Business Consulting
Project Management; Business Development; Market Research; International Development
Claudia Rave
General Manager - Fluir.D.Lab Laboratorio de Decisión SAS
Conceptual Development; Information Management; Methodology; Planning: Strategy and Solutions
Júlio Martins
Professor/Lecturer - FEP -Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto
Financial Analysis; Corporate Governance
Paulino Dias
CEO - PD Consult
Economic and Social Research; Investment Consultancy and Corporate Strategy; Development Policy
Anne Martel-Reison
Managing Partner - EOC International
Business Development; Cooperative Import; Joint Promotion; Management
Paulo Franzini
International Business Development - Balkans Gate
Export, Import and Investment Support Services; Market Research and Trade Services to Companies Interested in the Markets of Serbia and Balkans
Carlos Adegas
International Research Director - CH BUSINESS CONSULTING
Management; Strategy, Marketing; Internationalization; Entrepreneurship; EU Investment Funds; Executive Trainer
Julie Peterson
Managing Partner - Marq Consulting Group
US Strategy Office; Business Advisor; Market Support Services to Drive Business Growth; Foreign Direct Investment and U.S. Market Growth
Sophia Belkhiri
Manager Business Development - BH Advisory
Strategy; Management; Business Development
João Trigo Morais
Attorney at Law/Manager - SDM – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira
International Business Development
Vergílio Folhadela
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
Senior Advisory; Business Strategy; M&A projects
Maria Fernanda Carmo
Manager and Director of CH Projects - CH BUSINESS CONSULTING
Business management; Business development; Investment and Internationalization Projects Specialist
Miguel Corais
International Business Manager and International Trade Consultant – CH Markets - CH BUSINESS CONSULTING
Business management; Business Development; Sales and Marketing; Event Planning and Managing; Accounting and Finance Management
Álvaro Beleza
Manager and Director of CH Industry - CH BUSINESS CONSULTING
Business Management; Business Development; Innovation and Value Creation; Sustained Productivity Growth; Operational Control
Emren John Vella
CEO - Foundation for Tourism Zone Development
Logistics Management; Projects Management; Supply Chain Specialist; Supplier Relationships Development; Strategy; Business Operations
Daniel Braga
Partner - Orbe Consultoria
Logistic Sector; Financial and Administrative Areas, with knowledge in corporate finance, planning, treasury, tax, earnings and cash flow management; KPI Control; Operational Efficiency Management at Airports; Service level; Quality Management
António Carlos Almeida
Managing Director - Inogi Asset Management S.A.
Development of Innovative Projects and Competitive Matrix; Implementation of Innovation Projects and Organizational Development; Creation of New Business; Management of Shopping Centers
Elena Monteiro
International Business Unit - Lipor
Waste Management; Strategy; Human Resources
Lídia Branco
Director/Attorney at Law - Lídia Branco Advogados
Commercial (Company) Law; Tax Law; Insolvency Law and Company Recovery; Community law; Civil Law; Criminal Law; Real Rights; Communication Law; Intra-Community Trademark and Patent Registration; Current consultancy; Pre-litigation advice; Assistance in Negotiating Contractual Arrangements and Drafting the Respective Contracts in the Conformation of Wills
José Maria Teixeira
President - Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in Morocco (CCISPM)
Transport and Logistics Sector and Associative Area; Attribution of the Official Distinction of the Order of Business Merit by the Portuguese State in 2014
Tornike Chkhaidze
Partner - SaavY Consulting
Food & Beverages Industry Specialist. Business Planning, ERP Implementations, Analytical Skills, Management, and Start-ups.
Mariam Koyava
Managing Partner - SaavY Consulting
Financial Division Leader; Due Diligence, Feasibility Study and Business Plan Services; Company's Business Development
Miguel Peixoto
Human Capital Business Manager – Head Lisbon Office - CH Business Consulting
HR (from strategic level, training and development up to operations); Design and Creation of HR Tools/ Solutions; Project Management
Rita Encarnação
CPO - CH Business Consulting
Project Consultant and Management; HR Consultant; Strategy; Business Development
Filipe Avides Moreira
Partner of the Corporate M&A practice - PLMJ
Venture capital; Commercial Contracts; M&A and Joint Ventures; PPPs; Concessions; Infrastructures and Projects
Divanildo Outor-Monteiro
Zootechnical Engineer and Professor - UTAD
Leyre Prieto
Executive Partner EU and Competition Law - Telles de Abreu e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, RL
European and Competition Law; Commercial and Corporate Law
Miguel Torres
Founding Partner and Tax Partner & Assistant Professor in General Management Course and M&A Course at Porto Business School - Telles de Abreu e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, RL
Tax-related Procedures and Litigation (judicial and arbitrary); Criminal Proceedings (abuse of tax and social security trust, tax and Social Security fraud and tax evasion); Administrative Offences
Abdelali Abouradouane
Executive Director at Porto Business School - I.A.S. Consulting
Financial Risk Management and Participatory Finance; Strategy
Abderrahim Boutaleb
National Coordinator of the AZIR-Oriental Project - UNIDO - Organisation des Nation Unies pour le Développement Industriel
Ana Radisic
Senior Manager (Quality and Outreach Officer) - ECG - European Consulting Group
Business and Strategic Development; Internal and External Communications; Development and Planning of Proposals/pitches and Credentials; Implementing Outreach Activities